Zorb Soccer has taken the World by storm and it has now found its way to Stingers Indoor Paintball.

An exhilarating mix of soccer, sumo wrestling, and bubble-wrap, zorb soccer is an exciting new sport that’s even more fun than it looks.

Zorb Soccer, (also known as bubble soccer or knocker ball to name a few) is a full contact soccer game wearing an inflatable ball.The player is trapped inside the bubble from the waist upwards and this makes it very hard to maintain their stability. Sounds fun right!

Two teams face off and there are  no rules.

The intensity builds as players run towards each other. What happens next is a mix between comedy and smash up derby. 


Come join us at Stingers Indoor Paintball for Zorb Soccer….it will be the most fun you will ever have getting hit!!


Zorb Soccer

$20.00/person for
1/2 hour

$25.99/person for 1 hour

Click on the links below to see what zorb soccer is all about !!

Introducing KNOCKERBALL! (FULL contact Zorb Soccer) 

      The Final Battle – KNOCKERBALL (Zorb Soccer)